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Why did we start Riding for Africa?

The Riding for Africa Foundation is a Dutch initiative, which was formed at the beginning of 2010. Riding for Africa’s  vision is to set up an education centre, whereby disadvantaged school leavers enroll,  having the choice and passion of working with and around horses. Riding for Africa is supporting social changes in South Africa by creating work in the horse sector, through this education centre, pupils will have the opportunity to learn the various courses on offer.

There are many horses in South Africa and until now, most of the jobs in this sector are fulfilled by unskilled people who are not really interested and don’t have a lot of knowledge about horses. One is glad to HAVE a job because the unemployment rate in South Africa is high.

What the Riding for Africa Foundation wants to achieve is to develop the interest from the local people in this sector. And what better way to start  with the children by giving them free riding lessons and teach them the principles of looking after and being around horses? In this group of young people, we will find the real horse lovers and they will want to find work in this sector. The children we are currently working with are selected in consultation with the principal and teachers of the school.
The courses, which the education centre will have on offer when established are: stable management, instructorship, farrier work, dentistry, grooming, wellness and sickness etc. The courses will be tailored and managed by professionals, within the horse sector, from Holland.

The group of children who are currently having lessons from Dinja from Primary school Sir Lowry’s Pass village