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Who are actually behind the Riding for Africa Foundation?

The initiator and founder of Riding for Africa is Dinja van Woerden. For 20 years Dinja was active in Holland as a rider, instructor and trainer. She rode at aNational level at the (then named) Vereniging van Dressuurruiters. She trained with several top trainers like Hans Bernoski, Bert Rutten and Tim Coomans and attended clinics of, amongst others, Anky van Grunsven and Tineke Bartels. She also ran a trading stable for several years.

Dinja left Holland in 1997 to train the National riders of South Africa. The differences in classes between black and white people were very obvious to her in the beginning, coming from a European country with not much knowledge about South Africa during the Apartheid years. Also in the horse sector, it was obvious that the white people rode horses and the black people did the stable work, with not much pleasure and knowledge.
Things are changing slowly now, there are a few black riders competing at shows but still at a low scale. But the start is there and Dinja is working for 100% to help to reduce the differences. She wants to contribute to that by setting up the Education Centre.


Irma Kootje is a new member of our team. She joined us in January 2011 and will coordinate the Hyves and Facebook pages for Riding for Africa. She has lots of plans and good ideas so we look forward to working with her.

Welcome to Riding for Africa, Irma!

Irma takes over from Aline who set up the Hyvespage for Riding for Africa. Thank you Aline for all the effort and we wish you all the best for the future!